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Can strategies be used at all when faced with great uncertainty?

Many people find that they currently find themselves in a struggle for survival and allocate all their energy into saving the business. This is quite normal, because it is all about survival. But it is in the midst of this storm that one must either revisit the current strategy or begin to look into developing one that can help you through the challenges and thereby strengthen the foundation of the company in the long run.

– A short example: at a company like ours, which at short notice suddenly experienced a major decline in number of activities. Faced with this challenge, we have chosen to use to reflect and see how we can work differently and still achieve the goals we set for 2020. We just must get there in different way.

Simple grips can make a big difference for you and your business

In a previous blog post we talked about how to make a quick check on the company strategy. However, based on the current situation where the situation with COVID-19 is changing day by day, it is important to deal with the uncertainties in a structured way. This can be done by incorporating several points in your plan where you as a company must decide before moving forward. But at present the basis is too uncertain to make the right decision for the company.

The decision points include three things:

We’ve provided some simple examples below:



Decision to be made

Criterion / condition for decision to be taken

Action to be performed


Should employees be sent home with pay or being laid off?

If a state salary compensation scheme is established 

Then the employees are sent home with pay


Should we establish online courses

If the downturn of activities continues at least one more month

Then launch the plan for marketing and selling online courses


How should the future workforce be put together

If demand has a decline with more than 25% in this quarter 

Then the plan for adjusting the organization is implemented to a level:

  • 50% of positions are fixed
  • The rest of the positions are filled by freelancers

By using points like these, you get a more stable basis for decisions, which is especially important in a world characterized by continuous change.

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