What is the connection between onions and LEGO bricks?

Fear and uncertainty

Are you one of those lucky enough to be on your way back to work?

Then you may have had some thoughts about what everyday life you are coming back to. How will it be to meet your colleagues again? How much and what will change?

Questions like the ones above have we heard among our customers. Like in a project workshop last week, one of the participants said that she had colleagues who were afraid to come back to work because it was a bit like they had to start a brand new job after ¾ years at home.

The excellent relationship with your colleagues has become a little cooler. So what is it that you will meet when you get back?

Focus on the social relations

As you may know,  trust in each other is the most crucial factor for good collaboration in teams and organizations (one of the findings from Google Project Aristotle). And in a time where relationships have gone cooler, it led to a negative effect on trust, – To get well out on the other side, we must all help rebuild it.

As a leader and colleague, you must give time and space to:

  • The informal talk around the coffee machine and example walk-and-talks (which is also safer)
  • Talk about what the individual thinks and how they feel.
  • Start working on what you want to do differently going forward. The longer one waits, you increase the probability of falling back into old habits. I think that some of you also remember high school reunions and alike, where people fall into their old roles.

What's up with the Lego bricks and the onion?

If you have or know children, you also know that they can sometimes be wholly engrossed in play.

It is a condition called “flow” (originator Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi).

When you are in flow, it is easier to be more open, willing to learn, and more innovative.

For several years, we have, through physical & online workshops, used the tool LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to get employees and leaders into flow. Because through this process, which can be compared with peeling the layers of an onion, we create a safe space where you can discuss and work with everything from team building, leadership development, well-being and strategy, and much more.

At the start of the pandemic, most of us had to follow a steep learning curve to get through safely. The same goes for rebuilding trust and implementing the pandemic’s learning.

If you want to hear what LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can do for you and your colleagues, book a free talk HERE!

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