Changes and reflections in a time with Covid.

After more than a year in the shadow of Covid and reflections on how we can create most value. We have adjusted our approach and how we help companies and organizations. Our goal and desire with our business have always been to help companies and organizations continuously deliver good results for employees,

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Tegning fra lederkursus

Denmark reducing the activity

Short into the period with Denmark reducing the activity level and with a health challenge that affects every part of society. There are many who have a meaning about how the situation is handled. Whether it is everyman, people in the system (doctors) or former top officials, they are unlikely

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Have you got off to a good start in 2020?

The first quarter of 2020 is almost over, and we hope you are well on your way to achieving the goals you set for 2020. Or are you in a situation where you don’t know how far you’ve come. Then you’re not the only one. Many companies and organizations have, if

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The first half of 2019 has been very busy

The first half of 2019 has been very busy. New office and a wide range of activities in project management as well as team and leadership development. It is always a pleasure to see companies and people evolve.  We are looking forward to an active second half of 2019.

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Our last activity at # IGLC2019

Our last activity at # IGLC2019 was the presentation of the results of our research paper on how to achieve success with Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) in a project context. You can find the paper here: . A pleasure to share information others can benefit from.

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