Interim management

If you are a company and lack strong leadership resources in development-or change projects, we can help you with experienced leaders who quickly can fill any vacuum and help you reach your targets.

Choose Zephyr Consulting because:

We are good—and fast—at creating a trustful atmosphere and getting people onboard.

We have many years of practical experience from home and abroad with optimizations and improvements.

You get a flexible workforce with a high focus on delivering the agreed results.


Interim management

Interim management/project management is the solution for both small and large companies that need help with operations, development and change. Usually, there will be a sudden need for specialists, managers or project managers for selected tasks for a limited period of time. It could be an urgent need for increased bandwidth for a project, continuation of operations or a need for a fresh pair of eyes to help lift the company in a new direction.

Our unique competencies, combined with our ability to quickly get into new areas, allows the company to maintain momentum in the face of an urgent need for extra resources with a minimum of commitments.

With interim management / project management, you avoid the legal and financial obligations associated with permanent employment, as well as the risks involved in hiring the wrong people. We make it easy—you will simply receive an invoice (B2B).

With an interim manager / project manager you get:

  • Quick help (can usually start within 14 days)
  • Flexible scheme—from 1 month to 18 months
  • Expertise in change management, optimizations and successful execution of strategy and projects (DKK ½ million – DKK 20 billion)
  • Objectivity—temporary leaders come with fresh eyes and are not colored by history
  • Great focus on execution and people

This is how we work

Group of business people having a meeting at office

1. Clarification of Needs

The process starts with an initial meeting clarifying the framework and scope of work.

We look at the culture of the company in order to ensure that the interim leader fits into the organization. We will return with a proposal for a leader within a week, after which we will agree on the further process.

2. The Agreement

The interim manager is introduced to the organization and tasks and success criteria are clarified

Subsequently, a contract is made and signed:

  • Scope (duration and task)
  • Success criteria
  • Follow-up and feedback (we normally use continuously feedback)

3. Evaluation

The process concludes with an evaluation meeting.

The purpose of this is multi-faceted:

  • To check to see if success criteria are met.
  • To obtain feedback on the manager’s performance.
  • To provide feedback from our side on any observations that may have relevance to the organization going forward.

We believe in continuous improvement as a means of staying ahead.

Finally, we agree any follow-up activities.