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Initial reflections on the spread of COVID-19

This virus affects most of us to some degree. As a company that spends a lot of time with companies and their employees, it is no secret that the measures taken by both companies and authorities will have a temporary negative impact on our business.

On the other hand, it’s a situation that raise several learning points personally, but also for companies and organizations.

Is our risk management sufficient ?
Although the risk with COVID-19 is considered by some to be a “Black Swan” event and therefore one of the risk types, that you don’t spend resources on. The situation nevertheless gives rise to the fact that, as a company and organization, you need to look at and discuss the risks, that can have an impact on daily life. Unfortunately, many companies do not have an overview of the risks that are relevant to them. And it comes with a cost.

We usually recommend that you as a company:
– Determine your risk tolerance (how much risk can you tolerate and what risks will you take)

– Always keep a minimum of (and continuously discuss) top 10 risks. And it’s not just technical risks I’m thinking of.

Reflections on the way we work?
During this outbreak, many employees have been sent home to work, those who do come in, are advised to use public transport outside the rush hour. When this high-risk period is over, we suggest that you look at what could be done differently going forward. This could be meetings, opportunities to work from home and the time you should be available in the office. We know, for example. that some companies have flexible meeting times so employees are not “forced” to move between home and work during rush hour (and by that they save transport time).

Utilizing resources in the best way (see animation in this entry):
What can be done to get the most out of your resources and avoid overload.
Many of the decisions on quarantine and limitation in events, etc., have been made in order to ensure that the public sector, makes the best use of the available resources and at the same time avoiding overload of staff and hospitals. This prioritization of resources can easily be copied to the everyday life of companies. Surely some of you have experienced loads on resources being much more than 100%?

Take time to dive into the important things, such as strategy and the foundation of the company.
Nowadays, when some companies probably find that there is a excess of time, you can take advantage of the break to look at:
– Company Strategy
– Where are we
– Where do we want to go
– How do we get there or get back there
– The Foundation: Competencies, tasks and operations are they stable enough and can possibly be optimized and made more flexible.

A good old saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining”. So use this temporary “stop” in work to focus on those areas you haven’t prioritized and reflect on the observations you gain.
Get well through this period.
Take care of yourself and your colleagues

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