Denmark reducing the activity

Short into the period with Denmark reducing the activity level and with a health challenge that affects every part of society.

There are many who have a meaning about how the situation is handled. Whether it is everyman, people in the system (doctors) or former top officials, they are unlikely to have access to the amount and type of information that is relevant to making the right decisions.

As a former officer, I have tried on my own body how situations quickly can change as you get new information and how important it is to keep an overview.

When we work are with companies, we often use a simple methodology that has been used in military units for hundreds of years.

The methodology is based on the fact, that a given task must go through a maturation / challenge process:

  • Overall, the process consists of the steps below:
  • The senior manager(s) come up with a task
  • They define a set of decision criteria for solving the task as well as their initial considerations/thoughts
  • Description of the situation (based on latest available information)
  • Based on the point above, the different specialists propose how they can contribute to solving the task (including advantages and disadvantages)
  • Based on the above, the top manager makes the final decision on how to move forward

Dealing with complex issues means that there are many aspects that need to be considered.
It’s not easy, but a well proven methodology help you get in the right direction
What are you doing in your organizations ?

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