The short story

Zephyr Consulting is named after Zephyr from Greek mythology. Zephyr was the gentle, fresh west wind that brought very important spring rains. The rain was invaluable in helping nature to come into full bloom. Where Zephyr fertilizes and brings life with the wind and rain, we help companies and organizations with the tools and support to flourish for the benefit of the company, employees and bottom line.

We are passionate about making a positive difference and value quality, humility and honesty. We feel a great commitment to every task we take on, which also means that sometimes we would rather say “no thanks” than deliver a service that we cannot guarantee.

We each have more than 25 years of experience in leadership, optimization and development of employees and organizations from working both in Denmark and abroad.

Through employment in the armed forces, Danish Construction Agency, Danfoss, Siemens and Maersk, we have gained extensive and solid practical experience, which enables us to work with different types of employees, cultures and companies. We have a strong focus on creating real value for you as a customer.

That’s why we always start by clarifying the questions:

  • What result would you like to achieve?
  • What goals should we support?
  • What are your success criteria?
  • What should be different after we finish the assignment?

We look forward to making a positive difference for you and your company.

Søren Leth Nielsen, Owner


Brian Dahl Steinecke Thomsen

Senior Management Consultant

Brian always seeks to create the best conditions for development and learning in an environment based on humility, trust and mutual respect. He is driven by the opportunity to optimize business performance by constantly challenging the status quo.

Brian has an educational background as an engineer as well as a master’s degree in learning processes, specializing in organizational learning. His practical experience is gained through employment in the armed forces, Danfoss, Danish Construction and Siemens.


  • Project management
  • Manager & employee development
  • LEAN
  • DISC & MBTI personality profiles

Søren Leth Nielsen


Søren believes that people will basically do well, and cites trust and humility as essential values for us to function optimally as humans.

He is driven by watching businesses and people grow. The professional and people knowledge has been achieved through employment in the armed forces, Siemens and Maersk.


  • Strategy development and implementation, innovation and team building with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
  • Leadership & employee development via e-stimate.
  • Performance optimization
  • Project execution
  • Visual management (shop floor management)